Pledge of Service

Pledge of Service


•    Tour-Plus pledges to give top priority to their clients, to address their clients’ needs and to fulfill their expectations. Our staff will deliver true, professional service and provide a consistently high level of friendly, personal, top quality service.
•    Tour-Plus pledges to continue to be leaders in the world of tourism for the religious community and to meticulously provide a high level of friendly service at competitive prices.
•    Tour-Plus pledges to offer their clients a wide range of novel and original options for touring, hotel and resort accommodation, recreational outings and family celebrations.
•    Tour-Plus pledges to offer you the best deals and packages in order to ensure that you get the best value for your money.
•    Tour-Plus pledges to continually conduct comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys in order to further enhance its service and ensure full customer satisfaction.
•    Tour-Plus is fully committed to excellence, innovation, credibility and reliability. Confident of our ability to maintain our high level of service, we promise to honor all our commitments to our clients in every facet of the services we provide.


Terms and Conditions


Note: In any case of discrepancy between the English version of terms and conditions and the Hebrew version, the Hebrew version is the definitive and binding version.

The Tour-Plus site is an internet site which provides information and specializes in the sale of  tourist servicesand products. The site is owned exclusively by Tour Plus. The site serves to help the traveler connect to various tour operators and service providers such as airlines, hotels est. The services offered on the site are the sole responsibility of  the various service providers.
Tour-Plus is not responsible in any way for mishaps or problems encountered as a result of faulty execution of services by the service providers, or due to factors not dependent upon the providers such as strikes, weather conditions, vacation days, etc. Reservations made through this site with one or more of the service providers offered by Tour-Plus serve asagreement to the terms and conditions elaborated in this document. Customers may make purchases on this site on condition that they hold an Israel I.D card, are over 18 years old, and have a legal and valid credit card. The general terms and conditions appearing in this site apply to both internal and outbound tourism.

Pricing Policy

Cost of services. The cost of services offered in Israel is generally lower than the official list price of the service providers in Israel (for example, compared to the list price of hotels). Nevertheless, at a particular point in time, prices on this site may be higher. Prices for services may change without any prior notice, and in any case, the binding price is the one listed in the company office. Prices listed on the website can change, even if not updated on the site. If there is a discrepancy between the price listed in the company's offices and the price appearing on the site, whether it is due to a change in prices or due to a typing error, the price that is binding is that of the company office.
Details of the purchase of services / products
When buying services / products , the customer will be asked to provide the personal details both of the person making the reservation and of the other travelers. Tour Plus and service providers working on its behalf are not responsible for mistakes made by the customer entering personal details or purchase information nor for purchase details not being accepted by the system nor for any technical problems which prevent the customer from successfully booking. An additional charge will be made for changing the name of the traveler after payment for a reservation has been made.
Information and photos on the site
The site includes information on behalf of Tour Plus as well as information from third parties over which Tour Plus has no supervision or control. Tour Plus does not check the reliability of the said information, its completeness or accuracy and does not bear responsibility for discrepancies,  lack of information, misleading information or mistakes contained in the information. Note that all the images that appear on the site are for illustrative purposes only and are provided to Tour Plus by third parties.

Payment by Credit Card - Payment Terms

Domestic tourism-  Payment can made by means of credit card in three installments without interest.
Outbound tourism - Payment can made by means of credit card in one payment, in shekels, or in two payments, up to three payments linked to the rate of the dollar, according to the rate of sales and checks on the day on which the bank account is debited by the credit card company. The site is secured using advanced encryption technology. The information entered by the customer is deemed confidential and will not be transferred by Tour Plus to third parties other than those who are entitled to demand that information by law. The person making the booking through the site is responsible for payment, even if he/she is not among the travelers. If the person making the booking is not included on the passenger list, he/she must provide personal details by filling out personal information in the field "Cardholder Information"  on the booking screen. As stated above, a prerequisite for approval of the acquisition is approval of the transaction by the credit card company of the buyer. Tour Plus is not obligated to honor a transaction that was made through the site until it receives approval of the credit card company for the transaction.

Cancellations and Changes

It is agreed that cancellation of a transaction will take effect upon receipt of written notification of cancellation in the offices of Tour Plus. Written cancellation can be made by means of  by fax, letter or email. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that notification of cancellation has been received in our office and to request confirmation of the cancellation.
Consumer Protection Act - A customer may cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act - 1981 ("the Act") within fourteen days from the date of the transaction or the date of receipt of the disclosure document, provided that the cancellation takes place no later than fourteen business days prior to the start of the service. Cancellation of the transaction must be done in writing, by fax or by personal delivery to the  offices of Tour Plus. In any case cancellation, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee not to exceed 5% of the cost of the transaction or 100₪ , whichever is lower.


Flights are the sole responsibility of the airline. Liability for delays, changes, cancellations, and loss of luggage lies, by law, with the airline. The route and flight times, are the sole responsibility of the airlines and there may be cases where there will be changes in flight times without prior notice. Flight schedules and routes and/or stopovers are determined by the carrier, including unplanned stopovers. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check routes and flight times when booking, again upon receiving a ticket and when reconfirming return flights. Flights offered by Tour Plus are offered and accepted explicitly under the conditions mentioned above and are subject to change by the airlines and/or by any other body. Loss of passenger accommodation or any other expenses incurred to the passenger will not be paid by Tour Plus. Charter flights are conducted under charter regulations. All flights are subject to the conditions specified on the back of the ticket.
Cargo and Baggage – baggage allowance for passengers is up to 20 kg for baggage checked in - to be carried in the baggage compartment of the plane and up to 5 kg for carry-on luggage. Excess baggage will be charged according to rates determined by the airline. In some cases, as determined by the airline, there will be no option to carry excess baggage. According to new security procedures at airports in Europe, Norway, Ireland and Switzerland, only very limited amounts of liquids can be taken in carry-on luggage. All fluids must be in taken in separate containers of no more than 100 millimeters. The container must be made of clear plastic, with a mechanism for opening, and securely closing. In total, a maximum amount of one liter of liquids per passenger is permitted. Liquids include: water and other drinks, soups, syrups, various creams and oils, perfumes, various sprays;  gels - including hair  and soap gels; the contents of squeeze containers and aerosols, including shaving cream or deodorant; pastes, including toothpaste , viscous materials (not liquid and not quite solid), mascara, any other similar compounds.
Babies - babies up to two years of age are not entitled to a seat or to baggage allowance. Airlines do not guaranteed that a baby crib be provided.
Meals - Tour Plus cannot guarantee a particular type of food, such as kosher or vegetarian on passenger flights. Tour Plus will pass on to the carrier requests concerning meals and these will be the responsibility of the airline only.
Passenger Guidelines- Passenger shall comply with all requirements imposed upon them by the relevant authorities responsible for matters relating to the flight. Passengers will present relevant entry and exit documents and all other documents required, including a passport valid for a period of at least six months and appropriate visas. Moreover, the traveler must report to the airport and/or hotel at the time determined by the carrier or the hotel. Tour Plus will not be responsible for any damages caused to the passenger, if he/she has not complied with the above guidelines or if the country of destination denies the passenger entry for any reason.
Airports – Many cities have a number of airports, and in each, a number of terminals.  Passengers must carefully check the airport and terminal of the outbound flight.
Arrival at airport. The official arrival time for international flight is two hours before the flight. In light of the many security checks to which passengers are subjected, it is highly recommended to arrive at the airport three hours before the flight.

Cancellation fee procedure - Passover 2017


Important Information

Every Israeli citizen who wishes to leave the country, is solely responsible for attaining the following documents:
Passport: Before leaving the country, make sure your passport will still be valid for a period of at least 6 months. Photocopy your passport before leaving the country and keep the photocopies separate from your passport.
Visas:Passenger are responsible for attaining visas to countries they plan visit. Information as to whether or not a visa is required can be obtained from the consulate of the country you plan to visit. It is recommended to remove previous confirmations of entry into Israel from your passport.
An exit permit issued by IDF must be stamped in Israeli passports of men, up age 45 and for women who are not exempt from army duty, up to age 37.
Medication and inoculations - you must check whether any inoculations or medicines are required in countries you plan visit. Consult your personal physician.
Medical insurance and baggage insurance are highly recommended. For further details, contact a Tour Plus representative.
Travelers with a Laissez-Passer must have a visa to enter any destination country. It is the responsibility of the traveler to obtain the required visas.
Calculation of days in vacation package: The number of days listed for packages on the site include the day of departure and day of return in accordance with the schedule and flight times of various airlines with which the provider is  associated. The number of days is counted from the day of your departure from the country until the day of your return, even if departure is in the afternoon or evening, and return to Israel is in the morning. Flights are booked with airline companies or charter companies; however, flights are not always direct and there may be stopovers in both outbound and inbound flights.  Charter flights must be confirmed by the Civil Aviation Authority and operate according to the charter regulations. Flight times are according to the airline’s timetable and we do not compensate the traveler for partially missed days, neither in terms of time made up nor in terms of financial compensation.

Hotels: Tour Plus does everything possible in order to accommodate the travelers in the hotel where they made their reservation; however, sometimes there are changes, for reasons determined by the hotel itself. Tour Plus reserves the right to change the traveler’s accommodation to a different hotel even after the traveler has arrived abroad, provided that the hotel is of equivalent or similar standards as the hotel originally reserved. Hotel rooms are double rooms with twin beds or a double bed. The provider cannot guarantee any particular room type or a specific location within the hotel. A number of hotels in resorts are divided into a central structure with additional buildings (such as bungalows ). The hotel sees no difference between these various accommodations and the provider will not be responsible if the traveler is accommodated in these additional structures, which may be further away from some of the hotel’s central services.  When booking for more than two people in a room, it may be possible that a cot or extra bed will be provided, but Tour Plus cannot guarantee a larger room in such cases. Single rooms are inherently smaller. Hotel rating is according to the rating given to the hotels by the customary parties in the tourism industry in that country. Accepted practice in hotels regarding check-in and check-out: Check-in is generally from 15:00 and check-out is generally by 11:00 am on the day of departure. There is no guarantee of earlier check-in or later check-out from the hotel (Travelers must check-out by 11:00 on the day of departure even if their flights depart at night). State of cleanliness and maintenance of the rooms or the hotel facilities is not in any way the responsibility of or under the control of Tour Plus. All the information published by the providers regarding hotel facilities, are in accordance with the hotel’s publications and the provider bears no responsibility if the certain hotel facilities is not available for use during the traveler’s stay in the hotel. Half board – half board accommodation includes breakfast and one main meal. In some hotels the main meal is dinner, with no option for lunch as the main meal. Overbooking by hotels or local agent: In the case of transfer of travelers to alternative hotels due to overbooking at the original hotel, it is the responsibility of the hotel and the local agent to arrange the transfer of the traveler to the alternative hotel. If the level of accommodation of the alternative hotel is inferior to that of the originally reserved hotel, the difference in the price (only) between the two hotels will be refunded to the traveler by Tour Plus. Swimming pools: Most of the swimming pools are closed during the winter. Sometimes, during seasons other than winter, swimming pools may be closed for renovations, cleaning and so on. Travelers must abide by hotel rules when using the swimming pools and other hotel facilities, and use of the facilities is at the traveler’s own risk. Air Conditioning : In hotels in Turkey and the Greek Islands, air conditioning generally is operated for only a few hours a day. In some of the hotels, air conditioners are used only in July-August to mid-September. In any case, regardless of the destination, Tour Plus is not responsible for air conditioning in hotels and does not bear responsibility if air conditioning does not operate, even if the hotel description included “air conditioning”.
Tour Plus is entitled to cancel any flight or hotel stay for any reason beyond its control. Tour Plus is entitled to cancel if the number of travelers who have booked is below a certain minimum number determined by Tour Plus. Tour Plus will inform the passenger of cancellation for the reasons stated above, within a reasonable time after the circumstances that caused the cancellation become apparent. In such cases, Tour Plus will offer the traveler alternative flights or hotels, or will refund to the customer any advance that was paid and thereby will have fulfilled its obligation to the traveler.
Damages - Insurance
Tour Plus recommends that travelers purchase an insurance policy covering medical expenses and baggage prior to going abroad. Medical insurance should include appropriate additional coverage in accordance with the traveler’s state of health and the nature of their trip. Tour Plus is not responsible for damages incurred as a result of accidents, illness, damage to baggage or any direct or indirect damage that may be caused during the trip and/or holiday due to an accident, violence, robbery, theft, loss of baggage or documents, airline tickets, passport, hospitalization, medical expenses and so on. To be absolutely clear: there will be no refunds of any kind should the traveler have to cut his/her  trip short due to illness, injury or any other reason. Tour Plus strongly recommends that the traveler purchase, at his/her own expense, full insurance coverage, of a kind that will covers the damages and the events described above.
"Tour Plus" hereby clarifies explicitly that it acts as a mediator between the passenger and services providers i.e., airline, hotels etc.. Passenger luggage is the sole responsibility of the air carrier and/or its representatives which provide ground services. Tour Plus has not control and no responsibility for baggage handling and is in no way responsible for handling lost or damaged luggage.

Hotels in Israel

Please note: the rates on the Tour-Plus English website are for tourists only. Please contact us for the Israeli rates.
Please be advised that according to the Israeli law- tourist rates and exemption of V.A.T in general, apply upon presenting a valid foreign passport & Visa (B2, B3) while Visa holder is checking in at the hotel to accommodate room reserved in his name.
In order to avoid any misunderstandings, the above only applies to immediate family members (parents and children alone)-one can exempt other guests from VAT by presenting a visa of a close other family member whether he is staying in the hotel or not.
Foreign passport owners failing to comply with the above when checking in will be recognized by the hotel as Israelis and be charged as an Israeli.

About Us


Tour Plus, the leading company for travel in Israel and abroad, serving the religious community in all its diversity, aspires to organize top quality travel services and to address the needs of customers according to the highest professional standards, ensuring a high level of quality and courteous service, with dedicated personal support.

Holiday and Projects Department. Tour-Plus has earned a reputation for its excellent holiday packages and personalized projects that provide a special family atmosphere while maintaining Jewish tradition and strict observance of Kashrut laws, along with  a true culinary feast together and individualized service for our guests during their entire stay.

Reservations Center: for both individuals and groups for all hotels and hotel chains throughout the country at the most competitive prices. Groups and Events department, organization of Shabbatot Bar Mitzvahs and Shabbatot Chatan, family Shabbatot, conferences and study days, company vacations, community vacations, recreational trips and outings.

Department of flights and car rental with leading companies to all destinations worldwide at attractive prices.

Tour Plus Consumer Club – Club members receive more! They are the first to know about and benefit from special offers. Points earned can be used for discounts in future reservations.

Tour Plus places the highest value on ensuring reliability, excellence, innovation and fairness. Customers are our priority, and we strive to professionally meet their needs, and live up to their expectations.  In this spirit, we invite you to enjoy all the “pluses”.


Members Club

Members in the Tour Plus consumer club are entitled to a wide variety of special discounts and benefits. Join the club and take advantage of all the pluses.

What are the benefits of membership?

Each time you make a reservation with Tour Plus, you are awarded points which can be used for discounts in future vacation reservations at selected destinations.
Furthermore, you will be entitled to special benefits from the moment you join.
Upon joining, you will be issued a personal membership card, and you will be notified of special deals and offers each month.
•     You will be awarded points with every reservation you make. Points will add up and can be exchanged for  discounts and special offers in future vacation reservations, in Israel and abroad.
•     Birthdays and Anniversaries – On birthdays and anniversaries, you will be awarded points according to your age or the number of years you’ve been married.
•    Discounts in exchange for points for Tour Plus offers in Israel and abroad. Offers will be sent out by email to members of the consumer club.
•     Special attractive offers and discounts


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