Tour Plus, the leading company for travel in Israel and abroad, serving the religious community in all its diversity, aspires to organize top quality travel services and to address the needs of customers according to the highest professional standards, ensuring a high level of quality and courteous service, with dedicated personal support.

Holiday and Projects Department. Tour-Plus has earned a reputation for its excellent holiday packages and personalized projects that provide a special family atmosphere while maintaining Jewish tradition and strict observance of Kashrut laws, along with a true culinary feast together and individualized service for our guests during their entire stay.

Reservations Center: for both individuals and groups for all hotels and hotel chains throughout the country at the most competitive prices. Groups and Events department, organization of Shabbatot Bar Mitzvahs and Shabbatot Chatan, family Shabbatot, conferences and study days, company vacations, community vacations, recreational trips and outings.

Groups & Events

The Group & Events Department is with you all the way to success!
In Tour-Plus great ideas and small details create a perfect event ...
• A dedicated team of experts who will turn your vision of the perfect special occasion into a reality.
• Our professional staff will accompany you every step of the way. We'll assist you with checklists, creative ideas and logistics solutions.
• We specialize in providing dedicated, professional guidance with a personal touch.
• Company perks and vacations
• Conventions and seminars
• Events (Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Family Shabbatot, Community acations & more)
• Outings, Trips and fun days
• The best service at competitive prices

Every guest is VIP
"Tour-Plus pledges to give top priority to its clients, to address its clients' needs and to endeavor to live up to their expectations…" (From Tour-Plus pledge of service)
All our guests are special and unique individuals and we consider them as V.I.P. – Very Important Person. There is no V.I.P. department at Tour- Plus because we treat all our guests as V.I.P., and give top quality service accordingly.
“Individually Tailored” Holiday: at Tour-Plus we take all guest requests into consideration and carefully arrange seating in hotel dining rooms in advance in accordance to the guests preferences.
The Tour-Plus Community: the individualized service we provide, the atmosphere of a family holiday and Rabbis who accompany our guests create the feeling that all the guests are members of one big family which has merited the title: "The Tour-Plus Community". Every year, new friendships are created, new business ties established, and even shiduchim are made.
A dedicated, professional staff: a dedicated, experienced and professional staff provides timely, individualized service to our guests from the moment they first call our office until the end of their vacation.
Ask anyone who has been with us: at Tour-Plus, each year thousands of satisfied guests return again and again making the wise choice of a company with a solid reputation and years of experience in the field. At Tour-Plus, we always think one step ahead in order to ensure that you will enjoy all the “pluses”.
Tour Plus for the entire family
Extraordinary Vacation Experience
At our hotels you will enjoy great evenings of rich entertainment with the
best artists, fascinating lectures & shiurim, plus a full range of activities.
Shiurim for children and adults, Daf Yomi, a seminar in personal coaching
and communication skills.
Excursions & field trips, arts & crafts workshops, raffles and contests,
Sport activities for children & adults, Zumba, poolside activities, family
movies, jugglers, magicians and telepathic artists, Gymboree, puppet
shows etc.
"Ktantanim" A Tour-Plus specialty!
A lively children’s center with on-going activities throughout the day.
At every hotel you'll enjoy exciting daily excursions for the entire family in air-conditioned buses with professional guides.
Tours, day excursions and attractions according the hotel's location and character. Water sports, bicycle riding, horseback riding, jeeps & all-terrain vehicles and much more (extra charge for sites entrance&attractions).

What customers say about us

Our customer testimonials are the best proof of our high level of service

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